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"Longest established personal training
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AJ-Health & Fitness has changed clients lives from
Malaga to Marbella for over 10 years!


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Nikki Addis

I have known Antony who runs AJ Health & Fitness for many years. Not many personal trainers stand the test of time out here on the coast but he has.

He's has a degree in Sports Science, top personal training qualifications and has worked with top industry leaders in the UK.

He is very clued up on his nutrition so if you want to lose fat and learn how to have a healthy diet he will get you the results you're after.  He's a really nice guy and doesn't care how fit you are or how old you are. He just wants people who are enthusiastic and want to reach their goals.

I have total confidence in recommending him to everyone reading this and people I know. So what are you waiting for?Get in touch and start your fitness journey!

Your Journey Starts today

Getting Started & achieving your goals

A personal trainer can guide you down the path to fitness by creating an exercise routine specific to your goals. If you’ve always wanted to lose that last 20 pounds, tone up your body, or just be a healthier person, but you haven’t quite been able to get there on your own, a personal trainer can help keep you on track.​

Accountability & Motivation

It’s easy to blow off a workout when nobody is expecting you to show. It’s a lot tougher to do so when you have a trainer expecting you. Motivation is key when trying to improve your fitness on your own and it is the primary advantage of personal training.  A personal trainer will provide a powerful motivational force in your routine,  giving you incentive and responsibility when it comes time to exercise.​

Learning proper technique and form

If you’re not doing exercises the right way, it can lead to injury that can sideline you and it is highly likely you will get the results you want. By doing them right, you’re staying safe and also getting the maximum benefit from your workout and therefore results!

Invest in Yourself.. Now!

Even if you don’t want personal training long-term, just spending a few months with a personal trainer can vastly improve your knowledge of exercise, giving you a very long-term gain for a short-term investment.

This is Why we are Different!

What our clients say...

Antony got me back into shape after my fifth child and has helped train myself and my family for the last nine years. Not only a superb professional trainer who is highly educated, and experienced but his nutritional advice has been invaluable to get, and keep me in shape.

Kari Laliberte
Guy Hands
CEO Terra Firma

I have used Antony’s service for 8 years now and he has trained many of my clients,  friends and family in this time. I have used Personal trainers all around and can certainly highly recommend Antony.

I first met Antony on a Body TypeNutrition retreat which he managed in Marbella. Fabulous Professional who really cares abouthis clients. He combines both his experience as a trainer and his nutritional knowledge to give people the best of both worlds.

Louise Mclaren
Eat Clean, Train Dirty


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